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Miércoles, 27 Marzo 2024 - Leído 114 veces
Sports competitions in Ibiza have become more and more popular over the years, attracting both national and international participants, especially in the spring, when some of the best known races colour the sports calendar in Ibiza.
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Viernes, 23 Febrero 2024 - Leído 1135 veces
More and more travellers prefer to enjoy the joys of Ibiza in April and May, when the island is waking up and the pleasant temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities. If you’re coming over this spring, find out what to do in Ibiza in April and May!
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Jueves, 22 Febrero 2024 - Leído 326 veces
This coming April 18th, Hotel Ánfora will be reopening its doors to welcome the 2024 season. You’re closer to digging out your swimwear from the back of the closet and even closer to benefitting from our discount for early birds who book on our website. If you haven't yet booked your holidays in Ibiza, book today and get special rates…
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Viernes, 02 Febrero 2024 - Leído 417 veces
As we’ve been doing every summer, in 2023 we held another prize draw among our guests for a free 3-night stay at our modern 4-star hotel in Ibiza. Do you want to know who won it and how to enter in 2024?
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Viernes, 26 Enero 2024 - Leído 810 veces
Ibiza will be one of the most coveted destinations in the Med this 2024, so it’s never too early to take a peek at the plans on its calendar and book a room at Hotel Ánfora as soon as you know your holiday dates.
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Martes, 31 Octubre 2023 - Leído 947 veces
This summer has flown by and we’ll soon be preparing the next season for which we’ve already activated a special early bird offer for 2024. Take note and grab it quick: it will take you that bit closer to your next holidays in Ibiza!
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Viernes, 20 Octubre 2023 - Leído 678 veces
Most of our guests love to explore the island and visit all the attractions they can, that’s why we wanted to introduce two routes along the coves and beaches on the southern coast of Ibiza, where you’ll get to see some of the most popular ones.
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Miércoles, 11 Octubre 2023 - Leído 670 veces
Hotel Ánfora is near several trails in Santa Eulalia that begin or end by the water, so you can combine exercise and beach in the same plan. So when you come to Ibiza, don’t forget your walking boots!
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Miércoles, 27 Septiembre 2023 - Leído 740 veces
Gone are the inflexible weeks thanks to the so-called workation, an attractive option for remote workers that allows you to combine leisure with work. If you want Monday to feel like a Friday, take up our special offer for workation in Ibiza in October!
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Jueves, 31 Agosto 2023 - Leído 1323 veces
Summer nights are for barbecues and the scents of wood so here’s a list of restaurants in Ibiza where you can eat grilled meat and satisfy that summer craving. And this perfect plan is only a few minutes away from Hotel Ánfora.
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Jueves, 17 Agosto 2023 - Leído 1799 veces
The hippy market of Las Dalias is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ibiza and one of the plans to include on any trip to the island, as it’s open all year round. Unique items, shows, food... If you haven’t yet visited it, don’t miss it!
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Sábado, 05 Agosto 2023 - Leído 1618 veces
Every year, Hotel Ánfora adds new measures to turn our hotel into an even more efficient and sustainable accommodation. We began this new journey six years ago to provide our guests with more and more eco-friendly holidays.
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Jueves, 03 Agosto 2023 - Leído 1328 veces
Ibiza has become a favourite among couples of all ages who wish to enjoy a romantic holiday by the sea. If you're thinking about giving your partner a special surprise in Ibiza, read on our suggestions and contact us if you need any help.
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Viernes, 21 Julio 2023 - Leído 1241 veces
There are more and more places available for those who want to experience the green Ibiza: restaurants, shops, street markets, visits... If you want to find eco-friendly options for your holidays, read our selection and add it to your plans.
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Lunes, 10 Julio 2023 - Leído 1526 veces
Cala Llenya is one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast of Ibiza and perfect for all types of bathers, from families with kids to travellers seeking the quiet of its secluded spots. Start the car and come over to explore it!
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Miércoles, 21 Junio 2023 - Leído 2272 veces
Summer pleasures are also for Ibiza’s residents. For this reason, and because we all need a break from the summer frenzy, we’ve brought back the Anfora Day Pass, the day pass in Es Canar that you’ll love if you’re into relaxed pool days.
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