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Are you looking for art exhibitions in Ibiza? This summer, Hotel Ánfora wishes to turn its common areas into a gallery that is open to everyone for you to admire the work by artists born or living in Ibiza. A wonderful plan for travellers and visitors who love art.

Ibiza, meeting point for artists

The village of Sant Carles and the holiday village of Es Canar, home to Hotel Ánfora, have been linked to the creative world since early 20th century, when artists and intellectuals from Europe and the US started coming over to the island and falling in love with its authenticity. Along with hippies, who brought their crafts, they turned this area into a real meeting point full of creativity.

This summer, Hotel Ánfora wishes to pay tribute to that era and bring back its artistic spirit whilst supporting local culture by hosting a cycle of five monthly painting exhibitions and one sculpture exhibition. You will be able to enjoy them during your stay or when visiting Es Canar, as they will all be open to the public.

Art exhibitions in Ánfora Ibiza 2021

From June 6th until October 30th, five national and international artists will exhibit their work on the walls of our 4-start hotel in Es Canar. The first to open this exhibition cycle was Victor Barrena “Boke” who will be displaying in the Lounge Bar and the lobby ten pieces of urban art, where recycled materials are as important as the vibrant colours and automatic creation. This exhibition will be available until July 6th.

a exhibitions boke arte© Boke

July: María Iriarte

From July 12th until August 6th, Ánfora Ibiza will be hosting the work by María Iriarte, who loves to work with graphite and mixed techniques. For this exhibition, she will show a new series of watercolours as a glance back at her artistic origins after standing out with her drawings.

a exhibitions María Iriarte© María Iriarte

August: Hize and Alehk Rod 

Artists Alehk Rod and Hize will introduce their new joint project that hasn’t yet been shown to the public. It will be displayed at Hotel Ánfora from August 9th to September 4th and is a great opportunity to discover the work of these two creative minds from Madrid and Alicante. This new work is the meeting point of two artists in deconstructive geometry, which they both work, mixing urban and contemporary with dynamic and static elements. Alehk Rod reinterprets his environment limiting the sense of spatial perception through flat and opaque elements, whereas Hize parts from his Wild Style view, that comes from graffiti, and abstracts and reinterprets its elements and symbols.

a exhibitions Alehkrod© Alehk Rod

September: Cristina Ferrer

The island seeps into this Ibizan artist’s work through her oil paintings that she describes as “realistic with impressionist touches”. Landscapes, objects, monuments and its frequent llaüts will star in this exhibition that will be hosted by Hotel Ánfora from September 6th until October 3rd. A fantastic chance to discover the work of this well-known Ibizan painter.

a exhibitions Cristina Ferrer© Cristina Ferrer

October: Josefina Torres

The last art exhibition closing the cycle hosted by Ánfora Ibiza will be from October 5th to 30th and will bring together a selection of 3D pieces made by Josefina Torres, an Ibizan artist whose lengthy career stands out for her creative universe that is extremely delicate and intentionally lyrical.

a exhibitions Josefina Torres© Josefina Torres

Sculptures by Juan Carlos Tur

During the entire season and besides our monthly painting exhibitions, Ánfora Ibiza will be displaying the sculptures of Ibizan artist Juan Carlos Tur, whose Pop Art creations make reference to figures from the cinema, graphic novel and animation worlds. The materials used by Tur include water-based clay, polymer clay and Epoxy A+B clay. art exhibition ibiza juan tur© Juan Carlos Tur


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