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A warm welcome doesn’t only open doors: it opens smiles too. Especially when you're away from home. This is why Hotel Ánfora’s staff at the front desk works every single day to give guests the best welcome to their holidays in Ibiza. Julio leads this team and will be opening the doors to the hotel and Ibiza, his birthplace, for this new post in the Meet Us section. Read on to find out his favourite places and other recommendations.

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Ana’s story with Hotel Ánfora started in 1993, but her story with Ibiza began in the late 60s, when her Ibizan father and British mother met in an old hotel in Es Canar called Pino Mar. Ana loves her administrative work at Hotel Ánfora and the family atmosphere that has distinguished our hotel staff for the past 50 years. Today we’re chatting to her about Ánfora, her memories and her favourite spots in Ibiza.

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This year we are celebrating the hotel’s 50th birthday and we didn’t want to miss the chance to chat to Carmen Ferrer about the hotel, Es Canar and Ibiza. Carmen had to step into her father’s shoes and run Hotel Ánfora in 2004.

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Not everyone who helps make your experience at Hotel Ánfora perfect gets to talk to the guests. For this new post we’d like to introduce you to Alex who has been working hard for us for the past 6 years making sure that customers can book rooms easily and smoothly. This 25-year-old man born in Ibiza is one of the youngest employees at Hotel Ánfora and is always up to date on the latest trends and news that are transforming what we see as one of the key moments for travellers: the booking process for their holidays in Ibiza.

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Our colleague Juanjo is the star of our third post devoted to Hotel Ánfora’s staff who help offer our guests the best service during their holidays in Ibiza. In this case, his face won’t be familiar, not even among our most regular guests, because he works behind the scenes taking care of the maintenance of our 4-star hotel in Es Canar. An essential job that he has been performing for the past 30 years at Hotel Ánfora.

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To continue with our new blog section devoted to our staff, here is an interview with Diego, one of our longest-serving employees at Hotel Ánfora. Diego has worked for a whole 39 years out of the nearly 50 years that our hotel has been open in the tourist village of Es Canar. He has always worked in the dining room, so he knows better than anyone what our customers need when they sit down for breakfast or dinner.

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