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One of the most frequent mistakes made by people who haven’t visited our island is thinking that you can’t have fun in Ibiza without clubbing. So wrong! Except for two areas, the rest of the island is a haven for travellers who just want to relax and enjoy the nature and food.

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If you’re wondering what Ibiza’s like in September, you should know that many of our regular guests think the end of the summer is the best time of the year to enjoy the island. Find out about all the exciting options and the weather in September, make a last-minute booking and pack your suitcase. The White Island is looking forward to seeing you!

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By now we’re all wishing the summer will come soon to enjoy a fabulous holiday in Ibiza. If your mind has already been basking in the island’s sun and beautiful beaches, read on and find out about our tips to prepare the best trip this summer 2021.

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Believe us when we say that early autumn is an excellent time to visit the White Island. If you’re wondering what Ibiza is like in October, what’s the weather like, what’s open, where to stay, what’s the most convenient area, what to do and what are the best offers, don’t miss this post, solve your doubts and come to visit us.

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We know that it’s quite hard to know what to pack if you’re travelling to Ibiza in May and June when the temperatures still don’t know if they’re sticking to spring or slipping early into summer. Ánfora Hotel wants to help you with this by giving you 7 clues to know what to pack and what to leave behind for your holidays in Ibiza in May and June. We know that if you pack with the “just in case” in mind, you will easily end up with a ready-to-burst case. Right?

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Some of the most frequent doubts among customers who visit the island for the first time are how to get around Ibiza and whether to hire a car during the holidays or if it's easy to explore the island by bus or by bike or motorbike. Our hotel is in Es Canar, a quiet village that is perfectly located to visit the main points of interest in Ibiza. If you have doubts about getting around the island, read on and choose the means of transport that best suits your plans.


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