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It wasn’t the beauty of Ibiza’s coves and beaches that made intellectuals and artists fall in love with our island between the 30s and 70s, it was the uniqueness of the island’s traditional architecture and culture. Find out what captured their hearts and the value of Ibiza’s old country houses, called the payesa houses.

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All Spain is full of festivities in August. Many villages and towns in Spain celebrate their local fiestas. This is an old custom rooted in the summer harvest celebrations. Ibiza is no less with its traditional festivities in different places on the island, where they organise free concerts, folk dances, typical food tastings, craft exhibitions and many other activities.

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As you stroll down the streets in Ibiza, Sant Antoni and Santa Eulària, you often spot the same names in the different towns. Today we’ll be answering a question that you may have asked at some point: “Who is it named after?” Read on to find out about several stories about Ibiza you don’t yet know.

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Besides its beaches, Ibiza has a huge variety of cultural activities all year round. Its important cultural heritage is scattered across the island, so you can always combine it with other plans, like a day at the beach, a tour by car or a walk in the countryside or the capital.

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Why is it called the White Island? Why is Es Vedrá known as a magic island? Why are the villages in Ibiza called after saints? This post will reveal the answers to this and other curious facts about Ibiza that are related to names and magic. And if you still any have unsolved questions, follow our blog: we will soon be posting the second part with unique titbits about our beloved island.

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The surrounding area of our 4-star hotel in Es Canar has many interesting places that you can explore by following this cultural route around Santa Eulalia by car, motorbike or bike. The route has 14 stops in all and you can do them in one or two days. Want to come?

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