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Come and join the Fiestas of Es Canar

Next 10th June, Es Canar will be celebrating the fiestas of Saint Christopher, who is the patron saint of this town. If you’re staying at Hotel Ánfora on this date, don’t miss the celebrations on such a special day and come and join our traditions. It’s really easy because all the events planned are only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

The festivities in Es Canar, Ibiza

In the old days, when Es Canar was only a small fishing village, the neighbours of Es Canar and its surrounding area would celebrate Sant Cristòfol (Saint Christopher) with a simple mass in the chapel and then they would gather to eat paella in the pine grove near the beach. Nowadays, the celebrations have extended and the events start a few days before 10th July, the most important day in the fiestas of Es Canar.

Our recommendations for 10th July, the most important day in the Fiestas of Es Canar

If you’ll be in Ibiza on 10th July, we suggest you stay in Es Canar and enjoy the festivities of San Cristòfol. During the day you’ll be able to combine a fabulous day at the beach with different events that will introduce you to the regional food, crafts and folk dances of Ibiza. Don’t want to miss a thing? Read our recommendations and celebrate summer in Es Canar!

- Don’t miss the traditional horse-cart parade that starts at 12:30 p.m.

- Browse the Ibizan craft stalls on the high street in Es Canar from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

- From 2 p.m. watch the traditional paella contest and taste this delicious dish.

festivities es canar 2018You can combine a funny day at the beach with the differents events of our festivities © Juan Francisco Tur Riera/

- After the beach, a stroll through the craft stalls and dinner at Hotel Ánfora, go to the Es Canar pine grove to watch the Ibizan folk dance (ball pagès), a beautiful courtship dance where the woman spins around the man while he hops in a unique and plays large castanets.

- After this dance, enjoy an open-air concert from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. and end the day with the traditional display of fireworks.

Other festivities during this week of fiestas

During the days leading up to the day of Sant Cristòfol, Es Canar hosts other events like musical gigs and activities for children. If you’re staying with us from 5th to 10th July, ask for the full programme of Es Canar 2018 festivities at our front desk.

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