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The most refreshing summer cocktails (and the best time to drink them)

A sunny day, a delicious dip in the swimming-pool and... an ice-cold cocktail waiting for you when you get out of the water. Did you not dream about this moment at some point during the winter? If you did, don’t miss this post on the best summer cocktails that are prepared at Hotel Ánfora Ibiza. Remember our suggestions and drink a toast to Ibiza and the holidays.

The best cocktails at Hotel Ánfora Ibiza

Sweet, bitter, dry, spicy, mild, exotic, stimulating... Whatever your tastes, you will find your ideal cocktail at our pool bar or the lounge bar, where the cocktail shaker is always at the ready to produce the most refreshing cocktail. Our menu has 27 alcoholic cocktails and 6 non-alcoholic ones besides carefully chosen bottles of cava, champagne, prosecco, beer and white, red or rosé wine.

Among our proposals, you will find the summer classic hits such as Pina Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri, Caipirinha and Sex on the Beach, as well as other regulars like Cosmopolitan, Long-Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary and Dry Martini. Or the trendiest cocktail at present, the Aperol Spritz, which is a refreshing blend of Aperol and Prosecco that people usually have after work in northern Italy. An excellent choice after the last dip of the day, don’t you agree?

anfora hotel cocktails ibiza coladaDo you fancy a piña colada? © Alberto Paredes / Anfora Ibiza

Each cocktail has its moment

Cocktails also have their perfect match and in this case, it’s with the different times of the day. Because it’s not the same to have a tequila first thing than to drink a Bloody Mary as the hair of the dog... That is why we advise you to ask our staff at the bar for suggestions that best match the time of the day. Or you may want to remember these recommendations:

- At midday: Dry Martini, Aperol Spritz, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary or Hugo, a refreshing blend of lime, mint, elderflower, cava and soda water.

- After lunch: Pina Colada, Expresso (with vodka, coffee liqueur and coffee), Watermelon, Hierbas Ibicencas, Hugo, Habana Split (with rum, banana liqueur and Baileys), Swimming Pool…

- In the evening: our peach, strawberry and banana diaquiris; green or red mojito, caipirinha –classic or strawberry–, Aperol Spritz...

- After dinner: the perfect time for a Frozen Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, Miami Vice, Pina Colada…

cocktails ibiza expreso hotel anforaOur Expresso cocktail will surprise you... © Alberto Paredes / Anfora Ibiza

Did you know that...

- tequila doesn’t have higher alcohol content than whiskey or gin?

- people say one Dry Martini is not enough but more than two is too much?

- hierbas ibicencas is a digestive liqueur that was traditionally made in rural homes in Ibiza?

- the word cocktail comes from the cockfights held in Great Britain during the Victorian era?

- There are over 4 million photos of mojitos in Instagram?

- the Swimming Pool cocktail comes from Munich in Germany?

- in Spain we say “Salud” as a toast?

cocktails ibiza mojito anfora hotelTry our strawberry mojito by the pool. © Alberto Paredes / Anfora Ibiza

Main picture: Mojito by the pool © Alberto Paredes / Anfora Hotel


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