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5 Seafood dishes you should taste during your trip to Ibiza

The grilled red prawns, the fish barbecue, the lobster and the seafood rice are certainly some of the dishes you’d love to try during your holiday in Ibiza. However, there are other traditional seafood specialties you must savor during your stay on the island. Take good note of them and let yourself be surprised by the taste. Bon apetit!

Calamares a la bruta

This traditional dish of the island joins the sea and the countryside in the same recipe, as the squid are cooked filled with sobrasada (a local pork sausage). Three places where you can find them on the menu are Es Rebost de Can Prats in San Antonio; Es Pins in Cala Pada, only 3 Km. away from the Anfora Hotel; and Ca n’Alfredo, where this dish is one of the most famous specialties.

seafood dishes Ibiza bullit de peix fish stewBullit de peix, one of the tasty seafood specialties of Ibiza © Consell d'Eivissa

Bullit de peix

You can’t leave Ibiza without trying this tasty seafood specialty, made from boiled rock fishes, such as grouper, gallo san pedro fish and scorpion fish amongst others. The fish is served with a light alioli sauce (made of garlic and olive oil) and, depending on the zone, with boiled potatoes. A rice dish is served afterwards – Arroz a banda – with little pieces of squid. This One dish meal is one of the specialties of Can Pujol, in San Antonio Bay; Port Balansat, in Port de San Miquel; and the only dish served at El Bigotes (Tel. 650 79 76 33), a rustic beach bar in Cala Mastella, only 6 Km. away from our hotel.

Frita de pulpo

This traditional dish is always present in the restaurants that offer Ibiza’s cuisine, as it’s one of its star dishes. It’s made with boiled octopus which is then stewed with salad onions, green peppers, potatoes and garlic. You can taste it in the Es Pins restaurant (on the road to San Joan) and in the above mentioned Es Rebost de can Prats.

seafood dishes Ibiza frita de pulpo octopusFrita de pulpo in Es Rebost de Can Prats © Es Rebost de Can Prats

Salmorra de pescado

Made from pieces of scorpion fish, grouper and Gallo San Pedro fish, this dish is similar to the bullit de peix, only lighter because it doesn’t have the alioli sauce or the potatoes. The name is taken from the sauce made of salt, olive oil, broth, lemon and pepper that is added to the fish after being boiled. It’s not easy to find this dish on the menus of the Ibiza’s restaurants, although you can taste it in Restaurante Salvadó (Tel.: 971 18 78 79), in Pou des Lleó, 10 Km. away from the Anfora Hotel.

Borrida de Ratjada

This tasty sea stew is not easily found in the island’s restaurants, so if you’d like to savor it, you must book directly in Sa Nansa in Ibiza town, as it’s one of their specialties. The borrida de ratjada is elaborated with raya (a flat fish species), potatoes, saffron and almonds.

seafood dishes Ibiza raya stewBorrida de ratjada in Sa Nansa © Sa Nansa


Cover picture: Bullit de peix (c) Mateu Mennassar/Consell d'Eivissa


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