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In Ibiza, you can also listen to classical music

Our island is famous all over the world for being the epicenter of electronic music, but not everything in Ibiza comes from a synthesizer. A very good example of this are the two classical music festivals that take place in the borough of Santa Eulària des Riu during the months of August and September: The International Piano Contest of Ibiza and the Opera Festival of Ibiza. If you’re a classical music lover, check if your holiday period matches with the programed representations for this summer and enjoy a special night. It’s very easy: the organizations of both festivals are only a few minutes’ drive from the Anfora Hotel.

XXII International Piano Contest of Ibiza

This high level biannual musical date, already noted amongst the European piano competitions, takes place from the 12th August till the 10th September in the Parish of San Carles de Peralta. The cultural center, the church and some private houses of the town turn, during several weeks, into the stages where competitors from all over the world perform a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary pieces. Organized for the first time in 1987, the International Piano Contest, celebrates this year its 30th birthday, a long residence during which it has always counted on the support and cooperation of local people, who actively participate in the reception of the musician competitors.

piano ibiza festival

Together with this event, it's also celebrated the Music International Festival of Ibiza, whose program is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the performances of relevant national and international artists at very low prices. The concerts take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 PM and the entrance costs €5.00. The contest sessions and the Grand Finale are free of charge. Web

Opera Festival of Ibiza

On the 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th September, on the Palacio de Congresos de Santa Eulària des Riu (just a few minutes drive from the Anfora Hotel) takes place the 11th and final edition of the Opera Festival of Ibiza. This outstanding music event, has been noted from the beginning for the high quality of its interpreters and the originality of stage costume and “mise-en-scène”, which bear the individual mark of the architect and designer Armin Heinemann, the promoter of the festival.

opera IbizaOpera Festival of Ibiza © Consell d' Eivissa

The lyric work of Falstaff, by Giuseppe Verdi, was chosen to end the Opera Festival of Ibiza that this year brings the baritone Christopher Robertson to the stage of Palacio de Congresos. You can buy the entrances in the Consell de Eivissa (Av. D’Espanya, 49, Ibiza) till the 25th August and in the Ayuntamiento de Santa Eulària des Riu (Santa Eulalia’s Mayor house) from the 28th August till the 16th September. The price goes from 40 and 95 euros.

From the stage to the museum

Armin Heinemann has been for a long time now, an emblematic figure of the island thanks to the original designs he has created and sold in his mythical shop Paula’s Ibiza, a little place in Calle de la Virgen that spread freedom and creativity from the 70’s until its closing in 2000. This summer, the fashion and complements firm Loewe wanted to pay tribute to his original creative spirit launching a special collection inspired in Heinemann’s designs, that can be admired until the 31st August in the pop-up store of the Museu de Arte Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art) de Ibiza (MACE).

LOEWE PAULAS IBIZA POP UP STOREPaula's Ibiza pop Store © Loewe


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