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Hotel Anfora, sustainable holidays to look after Ibiza

Every year, Hotel Ánfora adds new measures to turn our hotel into an even more efficient and sustainable accommodation. We began this new journey six years ago to provide our guests with more and more eco-friendly holidays.

Our focus on gradually implementing measures to adjust to the sustainability challenges we face nowadays began in 2017, after the full makeover of the old Hotel Ánfora, which turned it into today's modern 4-star hotel. Ever since, we’ve been making a big effort to change many aspects of Hotel Ánfora’s day-to-day activities. If you’d like to enjoy sustainable holidays in Ibiza, learn about the actions that make up our Circularity Plan aimed at looking after the environment and the natural balance of the White Island.

Sustainable measures you can see

You can check first-hand these actions and measures when you’re at our 4-star hotel in Es Canar. And enjoy them too, as most of them will be part of your day. Like for instance, the absence of single-use plastic containers, which has earned Hotel Ánfora the Plastic Free certification.

In rooms and common spaces

  • Complimentary toiletries are given at the guest’s request, so if you’ve forgotten your toothbrush or make-up remover pads, ask at our front desk.
  • The shampoo and shower gel we provide comes in an Eco Pump format to minimise the use of single-use containers and packaging.
  • Toiletries are made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Reusable and sustainable details and welcome gifts: fabric bags, jute washbag, grass paper notepads...

a virtual concierge tabletAll the information about our services is available on our SuitePad tablets.

  • All rooms and common areas have 3 and 6-litre dual-flush toilets and taps with aerators, which in both cases allows a better use of water.
  • Green option available in your room: if they wish, guests can ask to not have their room cleaned and this will save water and the frequent replacement of towels and sheets.
  • LED lights installed in corridors as well as sensors triggered by time, light or motion.
  • Installation of volumetric-motion sensors in rooms and corridors, which switch lights and air conditioning on or off depending on whether there are persons in the vicinity or if doors and windows are closed/opened.
  • There are no printed guides in rooms. All the information about our services is available on our SuitePad tablets.

In swimming pools and outdoor spaces

  • Our sun loungers are made of wood and are covered with really comfortable mats made of sailing fabric. This type of fabric is easily cleaned without having to wash the covers, which means we save water and the use of unnecessary chemicals.
  • The coffee tables and sofas on our terraces are also made of wood.
  • Charging stations have been installed by some of our parking spaces for electric and hybrid cars.
  • Parking spaces for bikes.
  • Two vertical gardens installed on a structure made with cotton, wool and recycled plastic.

A sustainable hotel woodOur sun loungers are made of wood and are covered with really comfortable mats made of sailing fabric.

Measures you can’t see but still take care of the island and your comfort

Often, the most important jobs go unnoticed or are out of sight. This is the case of the following actions, which we’ve been implementing since 2017 to improve sustainability and have kept them up every year.

In swimming pools and outdoor spaces

  • Installation of salt water chlorinators that save chlorine chemicals and plastic containers. We only use chlorine on very rare occasions.
  • Control of the use of swimming towels to minimise the impact of an excessive use of water and chemicals.
  • Reuse of water for watering, which is controlled by timers.
  • The food and drinks we serve give priority to in-season and local products.

In the hotel private areas

  • Installation of a total 138 solar panels to be self-sufficient. Thanks to this, we make sure that the electricity we use comes from a renewable and abundant source on the island: the sun. It means we use zero-carbon energy that avoids losses and its production also coincides with times when the public grid demand is at its highest.
  • Installation of automatic dispensers for the cleaning products used in the kitchen, on all floors and the laundry service. This operating improvement means that we can reduce the amount of containers and chemicals used.
  • Internal recycling in all areas of the hotel.
  • Very strict policy to minimise prints.
  • Preventive maintenance of the facilities in the winter, so we can decrease expenses and save energy.
  • Donation to Caritas Ibiza of lost objects that have not been claimed during the season and fabrics that are still in excellent condition but can’t be used the following summer.
  • Reuse of torn bed linen and towels for the work done in winter or to cover furniture while we’re closed.

a sustainable hotel solarWe have 138 solar panels to be self-sufficient.

Hotel Ánfora’s quality and efficiency certifications

Our hotel has certifications and standards that prove our good work and quality:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, that proves that our hotel business has an efficient administration and quality assurance system for our products and services.
  • Energy-efficiency class for the consumption of non-renewable primary energy: A
  • Energy class for carbon dioxide emissions: A
  • Plastic Free

Book your sustainable holidays in Ibiza

If you haven’t yet arranged your next getaway to the White Island, you’re still in time to enjoy a fabulous few days at our 4-star hotel in Es Canar, Santa Eulària! Check the dates available, consider the most sustainable option to travel fewer times a year, but for longer (we tell you in this post) and book straight away your stay with us. Come to our Mediterranean paradise!

Pictures: © Alberto Paredes / Hotel Ánfora


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