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A swim in... Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya is one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast of Ibiza and perfect for all types of bathers, from families with kids to travellers seeking the quiet of its secluded spots. Start the car and come over to explore it!

Cala Llenya is only a ten minute drive from Hotel Ánfora, to the north of Es Canar, and boasts a luxuriant backdrop with its thick pine woods and bushes and it’s especially green by the watercourse flowing into this beach. The few residential areas built around it have barely spoilt its natural beauty, so it still looks practically untouched.

Why go to Cala Llenya?

Besides the stunning area it sits in, this beach is framed by reddish cliffs and is 200m long and 60m wide. It’s mostly a sandy beach and it also has some secluded spots in the northern part that leads on to a row of fishing huts. In the middle of the cove, there’s the typical beach bar serving light lunches at midday as well as refreshing drinks and ice-creams. Also, Cala Llenya is popular among the more active bathers who like to explore the walks around it or try the water sports.
In short, you’ll love Cala Llenya if you're looking for a peaceful and charming family-friendly cove that’s far away from the beach clubs’ music, that has sun loungers and parasols and secluded spots to relax and forget about the summer crowds and also restaurants nearby.

A Cala Llenya kidsCala Llenya it's a good option for kids. Foto CC via Wikipedia

Is Cala Llenya a kid-friendly beach?

If you're travelling with your family, you will all love Cala LLenya, as the middle part of the beach is nice and wide, perfect for the kids to play beach tennis or other games in the sand. And its crystal-clear waters make it perfect for snorkelling, kayaking or hiring a pedalo.

What to do in Cala Llenya

Besides the water sports and activities, Cala LLenya is on the number 5 cyclotourist track, which is a circular track that goes by most of the beaches in Santa Eulària des Riu. If you’d like to go for a walk, you can walk over to the neighbouring Cala Nova along the track that climbs up the cliff on the southern end of the beach, a pleasant walk that leads to another beautiful cove near Es Canar and Hotel Ánfora.

A Cala Llenya beachCala Llenya, a nice beach in eastern Ibiza. © Juan Francisco Tur Riera /

Where to eat in Cala Llenya

The beach has its very own traditional beach bar where you can order salads, hamburgers, sandwiches and other light lunches. But if you don’t mind driving, you can go to the restaurants Can Pep, Cala Llenya or, on the nearby Cala Mastella, El Bigotes.

More beaches near Hotel Ánfora

Our modern hotel with two swimming pools, gym and massage room is perfectly located to explore the most beautiful beaches of Santa Eulària as well as the beaches on the northern coast. If you'd like to explore the island and you've hired a car, you’ll find other coves that are worth visiting in less than 15 minutes, like Cala Boix, Aigües Blanques, Es Figueral, Cala Llonga or Cala Sant Vicent, and don’t forget Cala Nova, which is in walking distance from Es Canar beach. If you’d also like to visit the most famous beach in Formentera, Hotel Ánfora is a short walk from the boat that takes you to and from the neighbouring island.

A cala llonga viewpointCala Llonga, another beautiful beach to discover. © Mark Wordy via Flickr

Main picture: © NC / Hotel Anfora



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