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Ibiza 2023: Activities and exhibitions at Hotel Anfora

Once again, we’ve planned an exciting summer full of activities and exhibitions for you to enjoy during your stay at our 4-star hotel in Es Canar or when you come over to spend the day with us with the Anfora Day Pass. Open your calendar and note down these events.

 Our hotel is ready to offer guests a relaxing and pleasant stay with our massage room, two swimming pools with sun loungers and Balinese beds, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a gym and a large lounge bar to enjoy a refreshing cocktail in good company. But this summer we’re also offering Yoga and Pilates classes, as well as temporary exhibitions (one per month).

Art exhibitions for the summer season 2023

Santa Eulària des Riu has had an artistic tradition for decades. In fact, this municipality’s landscapes and the warm hospitality of its locals have been inspiring national and international artists since the 30s. For this reason, our hotel wishes to help keep this tradition alive by showcasing the work of artists linked to the island through our exhibitions programme that will be run for the third year this summer.

From 2nd June till 28th October, five national and international artists will be hanging their work on the walls in the common areas at Hotel Ánfora to delight our guests and visitors. In all cases, the work displayed will be for sale, so if you fall in love with a specific work of art, go ahead and ask us and we’ll be happy to give you any information you need.

June: Marga Guasch

Born in Ibiza, her abstract work is known for its vibrant, joyful colours and the variety of textures on the canvas. The island’s sea life, with its posidonia oceanica meadows, anemones and corals, feature in a large part of her work, but we also see references to other visual elements from the island, like the cracks in the walls of the old traditional country houses. Her art will be opening the exhibition season at Hotel Ánfora and will be up until 2nd July.

A expos act guaschMarga Guasch. © Marcelo Sastre

July: Aphon

From 7th to 31st July, you’ll be able to discover the work of this Thai artist, Aphon, whose creations are inspired by the island. Her art portrays the beauty of Ibiza’s nature, the diversity of its people and its rich culture. Each work of art is unique and created with different techniques. The result is a series of individual pieces that capture Ibiza’s essence in an extraordinary way.

A expos act aphon Aphon

August: Rob Loren

If you'll be staying at our hotel between 4th August and 4th September or you’ll be visiting us during one of those weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy the “Eternally Tanit” exhibition, a sample of art created with artificial intelligence. With the limelight on the Carthaginian goddess Tanit, this Spanish artist, Rob Loren, will introduce his brand new project which highlights the interesting creative paths found in digital audiovisual creations.

rob lorenRob Loren

September: Antoni Tirurit

Antoni Marí Tirurit combines his work as a teacher with his artistic creation, taking part in individual and group exhibitions on and off the island. His work is known for its colourist naïve style that represents scenes of Ibiza before it became a tourist destination. You’ll be able to enjoy his art at Hotel Ánfora from 8th September to 1st October.

A exp act tiruritAntoni Tirurit

October: Carolina de Ibiza

Photos, illustrations, paint and paper are the materials used by this Latin-Belgian artist who lives in Ibiza. Her colourful work usually alludes to masterpieces with a spotlight on women, portraying them as a symbol of life, abundance and a force of creation. Mexico, her second home, also shows in her imaginative compositions. With this exhibition, on display from 6th until 28th October, Hotel Ánfora will close its third edition of exhibitions. Don’t miss it!

A exp act carolinaCarolina de Ibiza

The permanent exhibition for this summer

Besides the exhibitions programmed for each month this season, Hotel Ánfora will run a permanent display that brings together three artists whose work is also for sale. If you fall in love with a piece, ask us. In this small permanent display you’ll find pop-art sculptures representing the creative work that has brought fame to Juan Carlos Tur, a series of comic illustrations by Carlos Navarro signed under his artistic name, T-Diary; and a selection from Anthony Goffer’s latest project called “Elements and shapes”.

a exhibitions Juan Carlos TurOne of the pop art works by Juan Carlos Tur

Wellness activities at Hotel Ánfora for this summer

Once again, our wide outdoor spaces will be hosting two wellness activities that our guests love: Yoga and Pilates. Start the day with good vibes.

Free Yoga classes

Whether you’re already familiar with this discipline or you're planning to get started, you can join our free classes for guests this summer. These sessions are given by an officially qualified instructor by the back pool every Monday and Thursday from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m. for 10 people max. Come and join us! We’ll provide you with the material you need for the class.

A exp act 2023 yogaFree yoga at Hotel Anfora. © Alberto Paredes

Free Pilates classes

Pilates straightens your posture, helps gain flexibility, improves your breathing and helps with joint mobility for persons who lead a sedentary life. This is why we decided to offer our guests two free classes per week, to encourage people to practice this discipline. Like last summer, we’ll be including this discipline in our range of activities, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m. for groups of 10 people max. Classes are given by an experienced, qualified instructor and we provide the equipment for the exercises.

A pool day with the Anfora Daypass

If you’re not staying at Hotel Ánfora but would like to spend a relaxing day by our two pools, book a Daypass for only €30 per person. This pass includes access to the pools and gym, a sun lounger or Balinese bed and the same amount of credit per person for food or drinks from our snack and cocktail menu. This is subject to availability, so don't forget to book your Daypass by emailing info@anforaibiza or calling +34 971 330 176. 

daypass hotel ibiza activitiesBook our Daypass! © Alberto Paredes / Hotel Anfora

Main picture: Exhibition at Hotel Anfora. © Alberto Paredes / Hotel Anfora




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