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Water sports in Ibiza: jump right in!

If summer means a world of opportunities to make fantastic memories in the water, check out the water sports available in Ibiza, from the most classical summer options, to the most innovative activities that will get your adrenaline pumping.

The Ibizan coast doesn’t only offer 50 beaches and coves with their crystal-clear water, it also offers masses of ways of having a good time in the water thanks to its vast supply of water sports and sailing options for families, adventurers and people seeking thrills: pedalos, snorkelling, banana bus, ringo, stand up paddleboarding, canoes, scuba diving, jet skis, dinghy sailing, parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, water ski, seabob, foilboarding, flyboarding...

If you're staying at Hotel Ánfora,you’ll find these activities in Es Canar and other beaches in the area of Santa Eulària des Riu. See all the options available in the new Water Sports Guide published by the Town Council, which includes information on the best beaches for each activity and route suggestions for kayaking, diving and snorkelling.

A water sports guide 1© Rachel Claire via Pexels

Beaches and coves to practice water sports in Santa Eulària des Riu

Depending on the level of water thrills you’re looking for, you’ll have to go to one beach or another. The perfect excuse to not stick to only one beach and explore all the ones around Hotel Ánfora. If you’re looking for water activities for children, we suggest you go to Cala Pada and s’Argamassa, which have a broad offer, but if your looking for riskier sports, go to Marina Santa Eulalia, the town’s marina.

Pedalo: Es Figueral, Cala Llenya, Es Canar, Cala Martina, s’Argamassa, Cala Pada, Es Riu and Cala Llonga.
Kayaking: Es Figueral, Cala Llenya, Es Canar, Cala Martina, s’Argamassa, Cala Pada, Marina Santa Eulalia and Es Riu.
Banana bus: Cala Pada.
Ringo: Cala Pada.
Crazy sofa: Cala Pada.
Stand up paddelboarding: Es Figueral, Es Canar, Cala Martina, s’Argamassa and Marina Santa Eulalia.
Diving: Cala Martina, Cala Pada and Marina Santa Eulalia has diving centres.
Jet skis: Marina Santa Eulalia.
Dinghy sailing: Cala Martina and Marina Santa Eulalia.
Parasailing: Marina Santa Eulalia
Windsurfing: Cala Martina and Cala Nova (from November to May)
Kitesurfing: Cala Martina (November to May)
Water ski: Cala Pada
Seabob: Marina Santa Eulalia.
Foilboarding: Marina Santa Eulalia.
Flyboarding: Marina Santa Eulalia.

A water sports flyboardingFlyboarding

Water sports to enjoy on your routes or outings

It’s worth exploring the coast around Es Canar and Santa Eulària as it’s charming and has fantastic underwater light. There are other routes of course, but the Water Sports Guide recommends 16 routes for snorkelling, kayaking and diving that are of special interest. Download the guide and check the characteristics of each route to see which one fits your level of experience best, as it shows you the level of difficulty, distance, estimated time, locations, recommendations and charts for each route.

Kayaking routes in Santa Eulària des Riu

If you'd like to get away from the shore on a kayak, follow one of these four routes. You can start two of them from the very same beach where you rent the kayak, but for other routes you’ll have to ask the rental company to take the kayak to where you’re starting the route. You can rent a kayak from the beaches of Es Figueral, Cala Llenya, Es Canar, Cala Martina, s’Argamassa, Cala Pada, Marina Santa Eulalia and Es Riu.

  • Es Figueral – Caló Roig: one of the simplest and most beautiful routes along the eastern coast of Ibiza.
  • Canal d’en Martí – Tagomago Island: a wonderful route that goes all around the neighbouring island and is great for people with a medium level of experience.
  • Cala Llonga – Río de Santa Eulària: explore one of the less frequented parts of the coast on that side of the island.
  • Talamanca – Cala Olivera: a route between cliffs that will reveal the coves to the south of the municipality.

a outdoor kayak© Jon Izeta /

Snorkelling routes in Santa Eulària des Riu

You can go snorkelling from any cove or beach, but some routes are especially interesting, like Es Figueral, Pou des Lleó, Cala Nova, Cala Martina, S’Argamassa, Es Niu Blau, Cala Olivera and S’Estanyol. Before jumping right in, check the 8 routes by kayak suggested in the Water Sports Guide, take note of the itinerary and follow the tips given for each choice. And forget about the time!

Diving routes in Santa Eulària des Riu

If you’d like to go diving during your holidays in Ibiza, you won’t be disappointed. The light reaches as far as 40 metres down and the warm water temperature means the immersion will be very pleasant. To hire the gear and boat, go to one of the diving centres in Cala Martina, Cala Pada and Marina Santa Eulalia. You can follow the routes they recommend or suggest one of the 4 in the Water Sports Guide: Llosa Figueral, Tagomago Norte Las Anclas, Lladó Sur and Llosa Santa Eulària.

Outings and charters: sail along our coast

And if you just want to relax and enjoy the views, you can admire the stunning coast from the ferry that joins Es Canar to Es Figueral, Cala Pada, Santa Eulària, Cala Llonga and Ibiza; from a glass-bottom boat or with a private charter to explore the Ibizan coast on a catamaran, speedboat, yacht or the traditional Ibizan boat called Ilaüt.

A water sports ibiza diving© Aquadiving Center Ibiza

 Main picture: © Rafal Bubala via Pexels


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