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Bullit de peix: What is it and where to eat it?

Bullit de peix is a fish dish that has become one of the most popular specialities among travellers and locals. If you haven’t tried it yet, find out what it is and where you can eat it in Ibiza.

Nowadays, it’s quite usual to find this dish at traditional restaurants in Ibiza, but it wasn’t until only recently. In fact, the well-known recipe book Bon Profit, el libro de la cocina de Ibiza y Formentera published by Joan Castelló Guasch in 1960 doesn’t even include the bullit de peix as a traditional Ibizan dish. This wasn’t a dish one would cook at home. This fish stew was usually made by fishermen on the boat with the small fish and rock fish caught in their nets that couldn’t be sold at the fish market. It was a humble dish that went unnoticed by Ibiza’s kitchens. That’s why it probably wasn’t included in the well-known book of recipes from the Balearic Islands, unlike other fish dishes from Ibiza.

So what is bullit de peix?

Its name, which literally means “boiled fish” in Catalan, describes the main part of this meal which is followed by a rice dish called arròs a banda with bits of fish. Don’t be deceived by its unappealing name, bullit de peix is one of the most flavoursome specialities in Ibiza. The stew is prepared with chunks of angler fish, grouper, John Dory or rotja (scorpion fish) which are simmered with potatoes and served with a light aioli sauce that enhances its flavour. After the bowl of stew comes the arrós a banda, a type of paella prepared with fish stock and bits of cuttlefish.

A bullit peix can pujolBullit without potatos, at Can Pujol. © NC / Anfora Ibiza

Where to go for the best bullit de peix in Ibiza

This tasty dish jumped off the humble decks of the Iläuts and other fishing boats and onto the tables of the best traditional restaurants in Ibiza. Most of these restaurants are open all year round, so if you’re coming to the island during the off-peak season, you won’t miss out.

Depending on your holiday plans, you’ll want to book a table near the place you’re visiting, but it can also be a great excuse to explore a certain area on the island which you hadn’t planned on visiting. The competition to win the best bullit de peix in Ibiza medal is pretty hard-fought. Some prefer it without potatoes, like Can Pujol (one of the favourites among the locals), or with potatoes like Port Balansat, Pou des Lleó and S’Espartar.

Where to eat bullit de peix near Ánfora Ibiza

Near Es Canar you’ll have quite a few choices to eat this mouth-watering meal. Apart from the following list, you’ll find more typical restaurants in the Tradición a la Carta guide, published by the town council of Santa Eulària des Riu.

  • Cala Boix: this wonderful dish if part of their menu. And after lunch, you can take a nap on the beach...
    Where: Cala Boix, next to the car park.
  • Can Salvador: another popular establishment among the locals, especially at the weekend. Where? Canal d’en Martí.
  • Pou des Lleó: this is one of the names that always makes the locals’ list for one of the best bullit de peix on the island. It's one of their most popular dishes. Where: a few metres from Pou des Lleó.
  • El Bigotes: this restaurant is very popular among visitors given its charming setting, an old boathouse turned into a rustic beach bar. They only serve this dish. Where? Cala Mastella.
  • Restaurante Bahía: bullit de peix is one of this restaurant’s star specialities. Here they do add potato to the stew. Where? Santa Eulária.
  • Ca na Ribes: this traditional restaurant on Calle Sant Jaume serves this typical dish as well as other Ibizan food. Another classic! Where? Santa Eulària
  • Cala Martina: on the beach, you can eat this dish with your feet buried in the sand. It’s a 15 minute walk from Ánfora Ibiza.

A BigotesEl Bigotes. © NC / Anfora Ibiza

More best restaurants in Ibiza to order bullit de peix without getting it wrong

  • Can Pujol: For many, they serve the best bullit de peix in Ibiza. Don’t forget to add this stop if you’re visiting the eastern coast of Ibiza. Where? On the road to Port des Torrent.
  • Port Balansat: another favourite among the locals. Bullit de peix is one of their flagships. Add this stop to your route around the north of Ibiza. Where? Port de Sant Miquel.
  • Can Gat: this traditional fish restaurant is a must when you visit the northern part of the island. Where? Cala Sant Vicent.
  • S’Espart: their bullit de peix also makes an appearance when the locals get talking about food. Where? On the road to Cala Tarida.
  • Sa Caleta: another establishment to remember if you want to try this stew. And you can have a nap in their garden or on the beach after lunch. Where? In Es Bol Nou.

A bullit Sa CaletaBullit de peix at Sa Caleta. © NC / Anfora Ibiza

Main picture: © Consell d'Eivissa


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