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Northern beaches you'll love

Hotel Ánfora is the perfect base to explore the quieter and wilder areas on the island, including northern coves and beaches you mustn’t miss, and other hidden spots on the coast to get away from the summer crowds. Rent a car and explore the island’s remote coastline.

 The northern part of Ibiza usually welcomes fans of relaxed holidays and nature, as nearly 60 % of its land is protected and it has many unspoilt coves hidden between the cliffs along the coast. It’s worth visiting the north of Ibiza by car any time of the year, as there are beautiful examples of Ibiza’s traditional architecture, such as white churches and old country houses. Gems that can also be seen during the summer on your way to the northern beaches and coves, like Figueral beach, in Santa Eulària (15 minutes away) or Port Sant Miquel, in Sant Joan (30 minutes away).

Must-see northern beaches in Ibiza

It’s true that people prefer different types coves and beaches. But if it’s your first time in Ibiza, you should at least visit the following beaches during your holidays on the island.

Cala Benirrás: it’s probably the best-known beach on the northern coast of Ibiza given the percussion concerts that began decades ago on full-moon Sundays but have become a weekly event. Apart from these musical gatherings, this unspoilt cove is known for its landscape and still waters.

Cala Sant Vicent: is one of the most remote coves on the island but it only takes about 15 minutes from Hotel Ánfora. You’ll find a pleasant beach with a view of Tagomago island, several restaurants and a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.

Playa des Figueral: one of the most beautiful beaches on the north-east coast of Ibiza thanks to the rocky formations that make the landscape so special, its crystal-clear waters and its view of Tagomago island.

A recommendations ibiza benirrasCala Benirras

Unspoilt coves on the north coast of Ibiza

After a pleasant drive from Hotel Ánfora, you can get to many unspoilt coves that are ideal for snorkelling or sunbathing. If you have water shoes, don’t forget to pack them in your beach bag, as some of these coves have rocky areas and pebbles on the seabed.

Aigües Blanques: the unique beauty of its cliffs and rocks make it one of the most stunning beaches on the island. Long and narrow, there are times when a part of the beach is closed off due to rockfalls, as the cliff walls are of clay.

Cala Xarraca: pretty beach on the bay that shares its name. It has a restaurant and small car park.

S’illot des Renclí: small north-facing cove with a small area of sand and another area with boathouses to stretch out your towel. There’s a traditional restaurant at the top of the cliff.

Cala Xuclar: if you like to snorkel, seek peace and quiet, you're a fan of unspoilt coves and don’t mind a pebbly seabed, you’ll love this cove.

Cala d’en Serra: this unspoilt cove will surprise you with its stunning landscape. But we must warn you that there’s no car park and its currents and position tend to bring in debris from the sea.

A aigues blanquesAigües Blanques

Family beaches on the north coast of Ibiza

The northern coast of the island also has child-friendly beaches with services and restaurants on the seafront. The best northern beaches for small children, besides Cala Sant Vicent and Es Figueral, are Portinatx Gran and Port de Sant Miquel.

Portinatx Gran: is the main beach out of the three coves clustered around the holiday village of Portinatx. It’s perfect for families and people who like to have services nearby. Also, its coastline is uniquely beautiful.

Port de Sant Miquel: if you’re enjoying your holiday at Hotel Ánfora with kids and you’d like to explore the northern coast of Ibiza, you’ll like this charming beach with all the services you need and where you can eat traditional Med food at its restaurants and even explore the area on a pedalo.

cala sant vicentCala Sant Vicent

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