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Beautiful places to practise yoga in and around Santa Eulalia

If you feel bad about leaving your yoga mat behind during your holidays in Ibiza, find out about these beautiful places where you can practice yoga in Santa Eulalia and its surrounding area and do the sun salutation facing eastwards. As it should be...

Yoga has many benefits for the body. It improves your nervous system, muscle flexibility, joint inflammation, blood circulation and balance. It also helps ease stress, correct your body posture and boost your concentration and memory. And if we add the benefits of happiness from being on holiday in Ibiza, what more can one ask for?

Natural terraces, deserted coves, secluded spots... Only a few minutes’ walk or drive from Hotel Ánfora, you’ll find very special places to enjoy a relaxing yoga session in Ibiza alone. The perfect plan for people who have already mastered this healthy discipline and don’t need the guidance of an instructor. Would you like to know where to find these beautiful places?

Yoga ibiza beneficiosYoga has many benefits for the body. © Nataliya Vaitkevich / Pexels

Beaches and coves to practice yoga in the morning

These shores are ideal for yoga because they are so peaceful and quiet and make it easy to fit the session in with another plan, like a fantastic breakfast or a walk along the coast after the session.

Caló des Gat

This quaint hidden cove is a kilometre away from Hotel Ánfora and has a small pier that’s the perfect setting for a morning yoga session near Es Canar. After the session, go for a swim and have breakfast at the Chirincana beach bar in Cala Martina. To get to this small cove, you need to walk along the coast from the left side end of Cala Martina.

Playa des Figueral

The left side end of this beautiful beach is usually quieter than the rest of the beach, as it’s a bit hidden from visitors who aren’t familiar with Es Figueral. If you go first thing in the morning, you’ll probably be alone and you can even have breakfast after yoga at Fonda Es Alocs. And all this while you enjoy an amazing view of the Tagomago island.

Aigües Blanques

As in Playa des Figueral, if you go really early, in this beautiful beach you will enjoy a fabulous yoga session near Santa Eulalia. Fancy being one of the first to salute the sun? Make a cup of coffee in your room and take some fruit and pastries for breakfast after the session. Namaste!

Caló Roig

The ramps of this quaint huddle of fishing huts are ideal to lay out your mat. Alternatively, you can also do your session on the cliff and then walk down to the huts for a swim. This perfect spot for yoga in Ibiza is next to Pou des Lleó and you get there by walking northwards along the coast.

a yoga santa eulalia placesOnly a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Ánfora, you’ll find very special places to enjoy a relaxing yoga session © Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Terraces, viewpoints and other great spots for yoga in the Santa Eulalia area

You’re bound to like these spots as much as or even more than the coves, so take note, locate them on the map and add them to your favourite spots in Ibiza list for your well-being holidays.

Faro des Moscarter

Our farthest suggestion is northeast of Ibiza, nearly 25 kilometres from Es Canar and it combines a walk, yoga and a sea view. If you wish, you can ask us to prepare breakfast to take away before you head out to this session under the tallest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands. If you don’t feel like an early rise, this spot is usually pretty quiet, so you’ll be likely to be practically alone during your yoga session.

En Valls Tower

Right next to Caló Roig, along a walk that starts at the right end of D’en Martí channel, you will find this ancient defensive tower overlooking Tagomago island. You can stretch out your mat and enjoy a yoga session under the sun in a peaceful place. After yoga, you can swim in the calm waters of De’n Martí channel or have breakfast at Fonda Pou des Lleó.


If you’d rather do yoga in the afternoon or in a pine-tree forest, go to the recreational area of s’Argentera, a green area with picnic tables where people can have a barbeque during the months that there’s no risk of fire. During the summer, it’s pretty quiet and you can go for a stroll through the forest after yoga. This natural space is a six-minute drive or a half-hour walk from Hotel Ánfora.

Terraces of Punta Arabí

If there’s too many people on the pier of Caló des Gat, you can go further along the cliff on the coast towards Es Canar and choose the spot you best like under the early sun first thing in the morning or wait for the evening shade

yoga in hotel anfora, ibiza, es canarJoin our free yoga sessions in Ibiza. © Hotel Anfora

Yoga sessions at Hotel Ánfora Ibiza

Many of our guests wish to practice yoga during their holidays at a hotel in Ibiza or would like to give it a go for the first time. This is why we offer free multilingual yoga sessions led by professional yoga instructors. They are specially thought out for both beginners and guests with a more advanced level.

We still haven’t set the days for our yoga sessions this summer, but we do know that they will be first thing in the morning, so that you can have breakfast at leisure afterwards.

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