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10 Charming restaurants in Santa Eulalia

As we all know, food is one of the greatest pleasures that come with travelling, so we thought we would suggest 10 charming restaurants in Santa Eulalia and its surrounding area for you to visit during your holidays in Ibiza. On the seafront, specialising in traditional food, with a modern twist, for vegetarians, romantics... It will be hard to choose!

A new restaurant and gastropub guide for your holidays in Ibiza

The Town Council of Santa Eulalia has published a new food guide that includes a selection of 44 charming restaurants and gastropubs in its area that stand out for their uniqueness, services, atmosphere or design, among other aspects. Out of their list, we have chosen 10 charming restaurants that are no more than a 15-minute drive from Es Canar and Hotel Ánfora. Enjoy, or as they say in Spain, buen provecho!

restaurantes encanto

Charming restaurants near Es Canar

Not even five minutes away...

Donde Marian y Miguel

Just over two kilometres from Es Canar and Hotel Ánfora you will find this steakhouse which is a must for meat lovers. They opened in 2013 and have won over the loyalty of the locals and regular visitors who come back for the quality of their ingredients, especially their dry-aged T-bone steaks and beef from their dry ager fridge.

Uttopia Ibiza

Their unique red paellas have turned it into one of the most instagrammed charming restaurants in Santa Eulalia. The red tone comes from the red prawn stock the rice is cooked in. Apart from this speciality, they also offer other signature Mediterranean dishes that are just as delicious. It opens at lunchtime, but its evening atmosphere is especially romantic.
Phone: +34 971 330 785

charming restaurant aiyannaAiyanna Ibiza. © Aiyanna Ibiza

Aiyanna Ibiza

A pleasant walk along the coast takes you to Cala Nova, home to this hippy-chic beach restaurant that you’ll love. With fresh fish, organic meat and vegetables picked from their own vegetable garden, they make delicious Mediterranean food infused with the flavours of eastern shores. Any specialities? Grilled boneless free-range chicken marinated with zaatar and lemon and served with potatoes, spinach, pine nuts and raisins.

Can Pep

The charm of this restaurant on the nearby Cala Llenya is down to its owners who offer their customers homemade Ibizan food and a very friendly atmosphere. If you like restaurants that make you feel at home, this will become one of your favourite places, as has been happening with its regular customers for four decades.
Phone: +34 971 335 305

restaurantes pepCan Pep. © Can Pep

Charming restaurants in Santa Eulalia

Several suggestions to round off a wonderful afternoon shopping or strolling through Santa Eulalia.

Es Terral

On the pedestrian street of Sant Vicent de Santa Eulalia, in the very centre of the village, stands this cosy Mediterranean restaurant. Its menu brings together the flavours of the island and France under the caring hands of its French chef. Its Perigord duck breast served with Ibizan potato mash or its crispy oxtail are two of its most popular specialities.

El Naranjo

Cosy and romantic, this charming restaurant behind the town hall of Santa Eulalia stands out for its signature Mediterranean food fused with Peruvian, Asian and Eastern flavours. Its back patio sits in the cool shade of its orange trees and is perfect for lunch or dinner in the summer.
Phone: +34 971 330 324

Sa Carbonería

Its quaint garden makes this steakhouse the ideal place for a grilled dinner in good company. As you’d expect, its flagship is its T-bone steak that is dry aged for 45 days and served on a hot stone with chips and salad. Also, their Mediterranean menu based on in-season ingredients includes fish and vegetarian and vegan dishes.

restaurantes carboneriaSa Carboneria. © Sa Carboneria

15-minute drive to other charming restaurants

There are other excellent options near Es Canar that you can add to a beach day or a route around Hotel Ánfora.

The Wild Asparagus

This traditional restaurant in Cala Llonga opened back in 1968 and offers wide-sweeping views and mouth-watering Spanish food. A friendly restaurant that serves traditional homemade food and lures regular customers back every summer. This is a great choice for a beach day in Cala Llonga or dinner outdoors.
Phone: +34 608 003 836

Casa Kica

Any time of the day is good to visit this 18th-century country house and enjoy art, design and signature food. It has a pleasant back garden and its menu offers in-season food with special emphasis on the island’s products.

Amante Ibiza

This is without a doubt one of the most charming restaurants in Ibiza given its location atop a cliff overlooking the sea and Calo de Sol d'en Serra, especially in the evenings, when it also becomes one of the most romantic restaurants. Apart from its amazing views, its offers Italian and Spanish dishes with a touch of fusion cuisine.

restaurantes amanteAmante Ibiza. Foto via Facebook Amante Ibiza

Main picture: Amante Ibiza. Foto via Facebook Amante Ibiza


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