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Find out about all the cultural activities in Ibiza

Besides its beaches, Ibiza has a huge variety of cultural activities all year round. Its important cultural heritage is scattered across the island, so you can always combine it with other plans, like a day at the beach, a tour by car or a walk in the countryside or the capital.

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Cultural visits in Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulària des Riu)

In our last post about the traditional Ibiza, we talked about the main cultural sites near Es Canar. But there are many more: you can explore them along the longest trail in Ibiza that goes past Santa Eulalia or visit them during your holidays. Only a few minutes away from the hotel, you will find museums, traditional architecture and monuments:

  • Collection of historic buildings of Puig de Missa, in Santa Eulària des Riu: One of the must-sees in Ibiza.
  • Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza: you will be able to visit a traditional country house and see the customs and typical lifestyle people had before the island became a popular holiday destination.
  • Interpretation Centre Can Planetes: see how the watermill was used in this old house.
  • Es Trull de ca n’Andreu: 18th century house museum that still has one of the few oil mills left in Ibiza. Only a few metres further on is the Font de Peralta fountain that was restored recently.
  • En Valls Tower: This 18th century watchtower provides a wonderful view of the Tagomago islet.
  • S’Argamassa aqueduct: discover the remains of an old fishing industry that was exploited by the Romans in the 1st century A.D.
  • Sant Carles Church: one of the typical churches in Ibiza that you mustn’t miss.
  • Sala Barrau: this exhibition centre displays the paintings of the artist Laureà Barrau i Buñol (1863-1957) who was born in Barcelona but was inspired by the landscape and people of Santa Eulalia.

a cultural route ibiza museumEthnographic Museum of Ibiza.©

Cultural sites in the centre of Ibiza

The villages of Sant Antoni and Santa Eulària des Riu is in the heart of the island with its farming landscape and traditional houses. Santa Gertrudis village has become known for its lively summer evenings and cosmopolitan atmosphere, but it is also proud of its cultural sites. If you plan to cross the centre of the island, don’t forget to stop and visit:

  • The churches of Sant Rafel and Santa Gertrudis: both with a clear Ibizan style, but with their own separate character.
  • Altarpiece in the Church of Jesús: this late Gothic masterpiece is the most outstanding art gem on the island.
  • Mill in Puig d’en Valls: the only flour windmill in Ibiza that still has all its machinery.
  • Traditional pottery centres in Sant Rafel: the only village in Ibiza that is declared an “Area of Craft Interest” and still preserves two pottery workshops. It is well worth visiting.

a cultural route ibiza gertrudisSanta Gertrudis' church. © NC / Anfora Hotel

Cultural sites in the north of Ibiza

The village of Sant Joan, next to our hotel and bordering with Santa Eulària des Riu, offers interesting stops for curious travellers that can be easily added to a tour of the north of Ibiza.

  • Churches of Sant Joan, Sant Llorenç, Sant Miquel and Sant Vicent: four parishes with their own unique charm.
  • Can Marça Cave: fun geological walk, where stalactites, stalagmites and other karstic phenomena will fascinate children and adults.
  • Baláfia village: this village has no more than five old country houses and is one of the best examples of Ibiza’s traditional architecture.
  • Es Molar watchtower: one of the towers built to defend the island along the coastline in the 18th century.Es Culleram Punic Sanctuary: the caves are not open to the public, but this archaeological site is a wonderful excuse to walk along the paths of Sant Vicent.
  • Es Culleram Punic Sanctuary: the caves are not open to the public, but this archaeological site is a wonderful excuse to walk along the paths of Sant Vicent.

a visitas culturales joanSant Joan's church. © Consell d'Eivissa

More cultural stops found in other parts of the island

The size of Ibiza is perfect to get from one end of the other in less than 50 minutes. In fact, it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to drive from one place of interest to another. This is why we encourage you to hire a car and explore the eastern and southern parts of Ibiza. Enquire about our room+car offer!

Cultural sites in the city of Ibiza

You will need more than a day to do all the cultural activities available in the city. Apart from the pretty historic centre of Ibiza, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, you will find museums, archaeological sites and interpretation centres. If you like art and history, don’t miss these stops:

  • Ibiza’s Modern Art Centre: this interesting permanent exhibition includes, among others, work by Tàpies and Miralles and an important display of Japanese engravings.
  • Puget Museum: its broad collection of paintings shows Ibiza’s landscapes, customs and people in the first half of the 20th century.
  • Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre: a window into the Muslim Yabisa that is still preserved within the city walls.
  • Bastion museums of Sant Jaume and Sant Pere: two interactive tours that teach us about the Renaissance defence system designed by Giovanni Batista Calvi.
  • Diocesan Museum: hosted by the Cathedral with a collection of sacred art from the 18th to the 20th century.
  • Museum-Necropolis of Puig des Molins: this is the biggest and best kept necropolis in the Mediterranean, with over 3,000 Punic hypogea. One of the absolute must-sees on the island.
  • Casa Broner: located in the quarter of Sa Penya, this house is an excellent example of rationalist architecture.

a visitas culturales dalt vilaDon't be in a hurry when you walk around Ibiza. © Pixabay

Cultural sites in the southern area

Besides some of the most popular beaches in Ibiza, the south is also home to several cultural sites:

  • Phoenician village of Sa Caleta: part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the origin of this important archaeological site dates back to the 8th century B.C.
  • Interpretation Centre of the Nature Reserve of Ses Salines: the old rectory of the Sant Francesc Xavier church hosts this exhibition to highlight the natural values of these salt mines.
  • La Nave Salinas exhibition venue: its art and photo exhibitions are on the southern end of the famous Ses Salines beach.
  • Archaeological site of Ses Païsses de Cala d´Hort: here you will find the remains of two Punic-Roman and Byzantine necropolis and of a Roman villa.
  • Churches of Es Cubells, Sant Jordi and Sant Josep. Another three beautiful examples of the traditional churches of Ibiza.
  • Watchtowers of Es Savinar, Ses Portes and sa Sal Rossa. The first has a splendid view of Es Vedrà, the second of Formentera and the third of En Bossa beach and the city of Ibiza.

a sa caleta consellSa Caleta's archaeological site. © Consell d'Eivissa

Cultural sites in the west of Ibiza

The municipalities of Sant Josep and Sant Antoni stretch along the western coastline of Ibiza, before the municipality of Sant Joan in the north. Its landscapes boast treasured examples of traditional architecture as well as other places of interest:

  • Sant Antoni Church: The San Antonio Church is one of the best examples of a fortified church.
  • Churches of San Agustí, Santa Agnés and Sant Mateu: The quieter and most authentic Ibiza surrounds each of these quaint parishes.
  • En Rovira Tower. Enjoy a pleasant walk from Platges de Comte and admire the views over San Antoni bay and the islands of Conillera and S’ill des Bosc.

More information: Ibiza.Travel


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