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How many days does one need for a healthy holiday?

Health experts are certain about this: holidays are very beneficial to our body as soon as one starts to relax and rest. But, do you know how many days you need for a truly healthy holiday? Read this post and organise your next trip to Ibiza for the amount of days that will most improve your well-being.

A weekend, a week or a fortnight?

Breaking the routine is always stimulating even if it requires an effort to prepare the trip and travel to your destination, as this may produce some stress, depending on the type of traveller. For this reason, weekend getaways are ideal for trips near home, but they’re less convenient for destinations that you don’t know or that involve a flight, for example. Of course, we’re talking about trips devoted to resting and our well-being, not a fun surprise getaway to celebrate something with friends.

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The research conducted in 2012 by the University of Tampere (Finland) to study the effect of holidays on workers revealed that the symptoms of rest kick in after the second day of holidays and reach their peak on the eighth day, when the mind is completely cleared of work-related thoughts and well-being levels are at their highest. Therefore, based on this research, a week to ten days will be the ideal length for a suitably healthy holiday.

But how do holidays benefit our health?

There is are many studies that reveal the importance of holidays for one’s mental and physical health. These are some of the benefits we get from holidays:

- Lowers stress levels and, therefore, regulates high blood pressure.

- Lowers the risk of a heart attack, as shown by the well-known Framingham research.

- Increases self-confidence.

- Stimulates brain activity and increases creativity.

- Increases emotional well-being and reduces the risk of depression.

- Reduces muscle tension.

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