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Asia, Ibiza and Mexico, bite after bite

If you’ve got an adventurous and inquisitive palate, you will love the theme dinners organised at our hotel with restaurant in Es Canar. Three times a week, our kitchen travels from Ibiza to Asia and from Asia to Mexico. A food journey through the recipes of three unique territories that we hope you’ll want to explore and relish during your stay in Hotel Ánfora. Que aproveche! – Bon appetit! – Bom profit! – Guten appetit! – Buon appetito! – Bom proveito – Goede Eetlust!

Theme dinners at Hotel Ánfora

Holidays can be very stimulating for all your senses, especially a destination like Ibiza where there are so many appealing leisure, cultural and food options besides its beautiful beaches. So it’s not surprising that when night falls, one wants to get comfortable, have dinner in the hotel and then sip a delicious cocktail, right? Hotel Ánfora is well aware of this. This is why our restaurant offers three theme dinners every week as a tribute to Ibizan, Asian and Mexican cuisine. The ideal complement to the selection of international food we offer every other day at our modern hotel with restaurant in Es Canar.

a theme dinners dailyDinner at Hotel Anfora.

Theme dinners have a fixed price of €25 for adults and €13 for children (drinks not included -VAT included) and follow the same pattern every night, where we lay out a buffet with starters and desserts and then give a choice of dishes for the main course. And we mustn’t forget the theme cocktail of the day depending on whether it’s Asian, Ibizan or Mexican night.

Asia, Ibiza and Mexico at your hotel with restaurant in Es Canar.

Asian bites for summer Mondays

Hotel Ánfora starts the week with the unique flavours of Asian food. Every Monday, as the night falls, our restaurant opens its doors to offer a choice of dishes from the Far East, as well as other international suggestions for those who wish to mix flavours from different corners of the world for dinner. Some of the options are an assortment of sushi, oriental salad with rice noodles, greens, nuts and a sweet dressing; cold cucumber soup (perfect for a summer night), vegetable wok with rice noodles, teriyaki skewer on jewelled rice and tuna tataki with black and white sesame. And for dessert: deep-fried ice-cream!

hotel with restaurant in Es Canar theme dinners asiaStart your Asian dinner with our spring rolls. © Hotel Anfora

Thursdays we eat Ibiza one bite at a time

The island recipes take ingredients from both the sea and the land. On Fridays, our restaurant offers you the chance to taste some of our traditional food specialities. Our dishes include, among other specialities, Ibizan salad, mantanza rice (rice casserole with lamb, pork and sobrasada), organic chicken casserole and coca (flatbread) topped with vegetables. And for dessert, the buffet will offer the most typical sweet treats: orelletes (pastries), flaó (flan) and greixonera (flan made with ensaimada). And to help with your digestion, we suggest a shot of the famous hierbas ibicencas liquor.

a theme dinners ibizaTaste Ibizan traditional desserts as greixonera. © Juan Francisco Tur / Hotel Anfora

Mexican flavours at your hotel with restaurant in Es Canar.

Mexican cuisine is fun, spicy and with a street vibe that is reminiscent of its lively cities. Hotel Ánfora gets its chili peppers out on Saturdays for its theme dinner with kidney bean salad, nachos with guacamole, Mexican noodle soup, quinoa salad with avocado and king prawns, Mexican pork loin rolls stuffed with vegetables, or rice with baby squid, among other proposals. All this accompanied by a freshly made margarita.

hotel with restaurant in Es Canar theme dinners mexico Do yoy fancy a Mexican taco?. © Hotel Anfora




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