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50th Anniversary: Ibiza in the 80's

This summer, Hotel Ánfora is celebrating no less than 50 years since we opened the doors of our hotel in Es Canar. For this reason, we have prepared welcome gifts, we’ve made special packages for customers who are also celebrating a special date and we are looking back to relive the best memories of the past five decades. On this occasion, we’re jumping back to the 80s. Want to come?

50th anniversary: Interesting facts about Ibiza in the 80s

The 80s put Ibiza in the limelight, stopped being the secret of the few privileged people who knew about it. Music, freedom, creativity and its carefree vibe blended in perfectly to create a unique destination where everything was possible, from hiding away from the world on a remote cove to living unforgettable nights at the most amusing and singular parties. While Ibiza vibrated, figures and enclaves began to gain their place as legendary icons. Would you like to know what went on in the 80s?

Ibiza in the 80s

  • The hippy street market of Las Dalias was established in 1985 in Sant Carles de Peralta by Juan Fernando Marí. It first began as a flea market that was set up in a hall until it spread and became what it is now: one of the must-sees in Ibiza.
  • The legendary group Locomía strolled down Ibiza’s harbour with their unique costumes and enormous fans announcing the parties thrown by the KU disco. They had such an engaging personality that David Bowie hired them for a tour and Freddy Mercury bought two jackets from one of the group members, Xavier Font, who was also a dressmaker. You’ve surely heard their catchy song “Sexo, Ibiza, Locomía” which was a great hit when it came out in 1989.

  • In 1980, Ibiza had 118 hotels and 146 hostels, inns and boarding houses with capacity for just over 40,000 guests in total.
  • The bars and restaurants of La Marina were the place to go when Ibiza’s night scene was getting started thanks to the terraces facing the old harbour and the lively parades that advertised the disco parties.
  • Freddy Mercury was celebrating his 41st birthday in 1987 with a party thrown at Hotel Pikes with over 500 guests. This has become the most famous party in Ibiza’s history. That same year, the British singer filmed the video clip for the famous song “Barcelona” together with soprano Montserrat Caballé.

ibiza in the 80's people from KUPeople from KU Ibiza

  • From 1981 until 1987, the KU disco was the place to go for any self-respecting celebrities. Its stage welcomed Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, James Brown and Nick Cave, as well as well-known Spanish groups and singers, like Alaska, Mecano, Miguel Bosé and El Último de la Fila.
  • In 1984, DJ Alfredo started to deejay in Amnesia, creating what would come to be known as Balearic Sound.
  • The Es Paradís disco, in San Antonio, started to celebrate its iconic Fiesta del Agua (Water Party) in 1985, which at first would be thrown once a year on an August Sunday morning. It was a huge success!

Hotel Ánfora will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with you

This summer is very important to us as we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary and all the good moments that Hotel Ánfora’s guests have enjoyed at our hotel in Es Canar. After the thorough renovations done in 2017, Hotel Ánfora has become a modern and quiet 4-star hotel that is specially designed to provide a wonderful stay with all the comforts. Also, for this summer 2019, we’re offering our customers a series of extra benefits in honour of our celebration:

Will you come and drink a toast to us? We look forward to seeing you!

50 anniversary gift pictures

Main picture: Graffiti's bar old postcard, Ibiza 80's



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