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Meet us: Alex's Ibiza

Not everyone who helps make your experience at Hotel Ánfora perfect gets to talk to the guests. For this new post we’d like to introduce you to Alex who has been working hard for us for the past 6 years making sure that customers can book rooms easily and smoothly. This 25-year-old man born in Ibiza is one of the youngest employees at Hotel Ánfora and is always up to date on the latest trends and news that are transforming what we see as one of the key moments for travellers: the booking process for their holidays in Ibiza.

Alex and Hotel Ánfora

- What do you like most of your job?

I like everything I do, especially studying market demand and other factors that help us gain a more competitive position over our rivals.

- What do you think are Hotel Ánfora’s best features?

In terms of my job, its best feature is being an independent hotel which allows its team to follow its own guidelines in decision-making.

- Have you always worked behind the scenes or have you had any customer-facing jobs?

I worked for several years as a waiter, but then who hasn’t? It’s very common in the tourism industry.

- Have you ever received any eccentric requests during a booking?

Yes, people can be quite particular, but if it’s legal we do what we can to meet their requests.

alex ibiza anforaAlex has been working for us for the past 6 years making sure that customers can book rooms easily and smoothly. © Hotel Anfora Ibiza

- What do you think guests appreciate the most when they’re booking a room, an immediate reply or personal treatment?

I’d say personal treatment, as the people who usually contact us directly want to get a proper interaction with someone who will easily solve their doubts and needs.

- In the future, hotels will know our needs and preferences better than us when booking a room. Will this new customer experience bring new challenges?

Everything is becoming more and more personalised. Not that long ago, tourists were treated as a pack, what we called mass tourism. Now people are more independent when they book their holidays and this makes the process more individual and personal.

- When you travel, what sort of accommodation do you prefer and what do you most appreciate during the stay?

To be honest, I’m not very fussy. I usually look for clean accommodation with basic services, like en-suite, and for it to be in a pleasant and sunny setting. I also look for places with good customer reviews and a rating of at least 7.5 on the websites.

A norte playas"I always recommend any cove on the north of the island" © Pixabay

Alex’s Ibiza

- Ibiza, do you prefer it in the summer or in the winter?

I love both seasons, they each have their appeal.

- In the winter you like...

Visiting places it’s practically impossible to see in the summer.

- And in the summer...

Relaxing in the shade of a pine tree in a cove with blue water and a relaxed atmosphere.

- What’s your favourite spot in Ibiza?

That’s a tricky question. Lately I've been going to watch the sunset from a secret spot near Sant Miquel harbour, on the way to Na Xamena.

- And your favourite beach?

The cove with blue water I escape to in the summer. It’s only 2 minutes away from home :D

- In your opinion, where do they make the best paella in Ibiza?

At home, my father makes the best paella I've ever eaten. I must say that he’s half-Valencian, so it’s in his blood.

alex ibiza recomendaciones mirador es vedraThe views above Es Vedrà are great from Cala d´Hort and its surroundings. © NC/Hotel Anfora

- Where do you like eating out with your friends?

On the beach, relaxed and lounging in the sun.

- What about going out for drinks?

I don’t usually drink but on the few occasions I do, anywhere is good.

- You’re giving nothing away about your favourite spots... - Let’s try again: What are the 5 must-sees you recommend to friends and relatives who visit the island?

  • The cave in Cala Compte.
  • My secret viewpoint by Sant Miquel (some spots can only be recommended to one’s closest friends).
  • The unique coastal spot of Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort and the viewpoint of Es Vedrá, both next to Cap des Jueu cape.
  • A walk up the mountains of Morna or Sa Talaia.
  • Any cove on the north of the island.

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Main picture: © Hotel Anfora Ibiza



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