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Buffet Dinner


Welcome to our Varied Buffet at Anfora Hotel, where culinary delights await you every day. Our buffet offers a diverse selection of Mediterranean dishes that change daily, ensuring a unique dining experience each time you visit.

Begin your meal with an array of fresh salads, from classic Greek salad with feta cheese to vibrant caprese with ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. Indulge in a variety of appetizers such as smoked salmon, crispy gyozas, and marinated olives, all crafted to capture the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean.

Our main courses feature a rotating selection of dishes, including succulent grilled seafood, tender lamb, and flavorful vegetable woks. Each day brings a new specialty, from Spanish paella bursting with seafood to Italian pasta cooked to perfection.

Complement your meal with a selection of artisanal breads and olive oils. Don't forget to explore our cheese station or tats carpaccio.

For dessert, enjoy a daily assortment of sweet treats, such as tiramisu, panna cotta, and fresh seasonal fruits. Pair your dessert with a cup of rich, aromatic coffee or a glass of fine wine from our carefully curated selection.

Join us at the Anfora Hotel’s Buffet for a dining experience that combines the best of Mediterranean cuisine with the freshness of daily changing dishes, all in a relaxed and elegant setting.


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